DIH² launches its first Open Call to support Application Experiments in Agile Production – Funding available up to 232,000€ per team

DIH² project is a network of 26 DIHs, with  a goal to establish a sustainable network of robotics DIHs, endowed with tools and procedures, to facilitate the commercialisation and broad uptake of Agile Production by small & medium-sized Manufacturing companies (SMEs) in Europe.

Through the Open Call, 13 teams composed of 2-3 members including SMEs/Slightly bigger manufacturers and Technology Providers, will be selected to participate in DIH² Technology Transfer Program. The teams can receive financial support up to 232,000€, training and other technical and business services to ensure rapid commercialisation of their solution.

The Open Call is divided in two stages:

First Stage 1 JUL-31st OCT. Manufacturing SMEs and Technology Providers can apply individually through a simple application form at dih-squared.eu. Up to 10 Manufacturing SMEs and 10 Technology Providers will be selected to participate in a brokerage event arranged by the regional DIH.

Second stage 1st DEC – 27th FEB 2020. Consortia of at least two and up to three organisations can apply to the second stage, among them at least one must be a Manufacturing SME. The consortia will be set up during the brokerage events that will take place at the beginning of the second stage submission phase.

Who can apply?

Manufacturing SME/Slightly bigger and Technology Providers. Proposals can be submitted by any of the above, but the participation of, at least, one Manufacturing SME/Slightly bigger is compulsory.

Applications should address ‘Agility Challenges’  manufacturer is facing where robotics could be a central enabling factor towards Agile Production (‘Agility Enablers’) as prioritised in the DIH² project: Variable Automation, Integrated safety, Mobility, Modularity, Scalability, Usability, Accessibility, Adaptability.

More information at dih-squared.eu in July!


Harri Kuusela, Principal Scientist VTT


Ali Muhammad, project coordinator DIH²