Engineering Intelligence

Engineering Intelligence is the laboratory environment for empirical scientific research and applied industrial research on applications of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) in the domain of mechanical and mechatronic engineering. Engineering Intelligence  is connected to Mechatronics Lab which gives it a link to real world and thus enables studying all aspects related to application of Industrial Internet and IoT in mechanical engineering industry.

Engineering Intelligence operates as both a research and a teaching laboratory. This gives unique opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with real life systems and also to involve students to real life research cases in their studies.


  • Own open source based IoT platform
  • Possibility to use any commercial IoT platform
  • Data analysis and visualization based Matlab and R. Custom codes are also possible.
  • Flexible sensor network possibilities with either centralized or distributed data (pre)processing and storage
  • 3D immersion corner
  • Multipurpose driving/operation simulator platform (based on inverted stewart platform)

Case examples

Model based methodologies for service business in mechanical engineering industry
Model and optimization based condition monitoring methologies for mechatronic machine systems
Information and data link technologies for mobile machinery operating globally in extreme environments


Jussi Aaltonen