Fablab TUT

FabLab is TUT’s own tailored version of the global FabLab concept created at MIT. At FabLab TUT, users can hone their skills through trial-and-learn and joint problem solving. FabLab encourages digital manufacture and trying and learning craftsmanship.

Companies can execute different kinds of events and workshops at FabLab:

  • Product development workshop
  • Workplace health promotion event
  • Individual machines for rent
  • Student collaboration

Equipment available at FabLab

  • Six 3D printers
  • Two 3D scanners
  • Two laser cutters
  • Two CNC routers
  • One vinyl cutter
  • One embroidery machine
  • Two electronics desktops

Utilization of facilities and equipment

Individual machines for rent in Fablab

  • Work to be done within our opening hours (9-16)
  • Users will be adviced to use machine
  • 100€/h/machine + materials

Rent whole lab with staff for a day

  • 10-20 people R&D day
  • May include short introduction to some theme (with additional charges)
  • 2500€ /day + materials
  • Equipment list available at


Jussi Viljanen

Additional information

More information regarding FabLab TUT can be found from your website.