Materials Performance Evaluation

Tribology and machine elements has facilities for the evaluation of the tribological performance and life of machine elements such as bearings, gears and frictional joints (fretting) in terms of friction, wear and lubrication between contacting surfaces. The research covers also vibration monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems.

Tampere Wear Center (TWC) is a versatile wear testing platform especially in the areas of heavy abrasion, impact wear, slurry erosion, and erosion-corrosion. The equipment is designed and built to simulate the in-service conditions such as mineral processing and handling and paper industry applications.

The Arctic testing facility comprises a refrigerated room (down to -40°C) with a robot for friction and wear property testing, equipment for icephobic surface evaluation for ice accretions and ice adhesion.

Arktinen testauslaboratorio voidaan jäähdyttää -40°C lämpötilaan. Tilassa voidaan määrittää jään syntyä pinnoille ja sen adhesiivisia ominaisuuksia. Lisäksi voidaan mitata robotisoidusti kitka- ja kulumisominaisuuksia.


Arto Lehtovaara

Kati Valtonen