Mechatronics Lab

Mechatronics Lab  is the laboratory environment for empirical scientific research as well as applied industrial research on mechanical and mechatronic engineering.  It has a dual function of operating as a research and teaching laboratory simultaneously. This gives unique opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with real life systems and also to involve students with fresh ideas and opinions to real life research cases.

The lab is equiped with modern state-of-art data acquisition systems capable for all measurement tasks imaginable in mechanical and mechatronic world. Laboratories workshop is equipped to enable complex prototype and test system/rig builds. Testing facilities and test stands offer unique possibilities from pressure testing deep systems with sea water to hardware-in-the-loop testing of aircraft system components.

Mechatronics Lab is connected to Engineering Intelligence which enables live and interactive linking of research on traditional fields of mechanical and mechtronic engineering to cutting edge research on Industrial Internet and also applying technologies of Industrial Internet on research done in Mechatronics Lab.

Facilities & equipment

  • Data acquisition hardware and sofware
  • Hardware-in-the-loop hardware and software
  • Stress and fatigue testing rig suitable for components up to size of truck chassis or aircraft wing
  • Deep sea system testing facility
  • Aircraft systems testing facility
  • High and ultra-high pressure water system testing systems (water hydraulics, water jet cutting, hydro-demolition etc)
  • Mechatronics and mechatronic controls research and learning environment
  • Fully equiped machine- and workshop

Case examples

Studying lifetime of a hydraulic pump in real operating conditions and under real load spectrum in hardware-in-the-loop test rig
Studying fatigue life of an off-road vehicle chassis
Studying lifetime of hydraulic actuator seals under real operating conditions
Developing and prototype testing a novel water hydraulic actuator


Jussi Aaltonen