Noise Control & Sound Quality

Noise Control & Sound Quality consists of top-notch experimentation, development and measurement facilities. With our state-of-the-art measurement equipment for field and laboratory measurements, we can verify simulations and virtual prototypes, and measure the noise, vibration and other dynamic properties of machines and vehicles.

Noise Control & Sound Quality offers product development and measurement facilities for noise control and sound quality engineering. In short, we are machine and vehicle noise experts. We are also familiar with the target applications. We know the noise origins in target applications and how to treat noise sources and propagation path.

The earlier we are involved in the product Research & Development work the better. We have years of successful experience in solving vibration and noise challenges in machines, vehicles and marine applications. We offer noise and vibration related services extensively throughout a product’s life-cycle to help our customers in their progress from the innovations of new product concepts to final products.

Areas of expertise

  • Troubleshooting and practical R&D interpretation of noise measurements.
  • Numerical noise, vibration and acoustics modelling, such as FEM and SEA, and model optimization. We also know how to validate models and how models are translated to real products.
  • Product Sound Quality. It is not always only the dB level but the Sound Quality, and how it affects the machine operators, workers, passengers and citizens.

Facilities & equipment

Semi-anechoic laboratory (55 m2)

  • 5 m x 11 m x 6 m (W x L x H)
  • All surfaces except floor absorbed with 1 m deep layer
  • Sound absorption > 99,9 % at > 100 Hz,
  • according to ISO 3745 -standard
  • Air conditioning

Product development laboratory

  • Floor area 120 m², height 6 m
  • Acoustically treated surfaces
  • Large (5.5 m x 4 m) sound-insulated entrance door
  • Exhaust gas removal
  • 200 kW 3-phase supplies, up to 63 A outlets

Reverberation laboratory

  • In connection with product development laboratory for sound insulation measurements
  • Sound power measurements
  • Sound absorption measurements

Outdoor testing area

  • Noise measurements for big outdoor machinery
  • Pass-by noise


  • Calibrated microphones and their preamplifiers
  • Weather resistant microphones for long-term outdoor measurements
  • Exciters, impact hammers, accelerometers and force sensors for vibration measurements
  • Impedance tubes for material acoustic characterization
  • Sound intensity measurement tools
  • Microflown particle velocity probe, Scan & Paint visualisation and in-situ material acoustic properties measurement –software
  • LMS SCADAS system for multi-channel data acquisition
  • RION 8-channel field-ready recorder
  • Listening test facilities
  • Artificial head and torso simulator for binaural measurement
  • Special microphones to record binaural response
  • Brüel & Kjær Sound Quality and Psychoacoustic Test Bench
  • LMS Test.Lab (Data acquisitions and signal analysis software)
  • Labview & Compact RIO data acquisition and analysis tools