OpenLab – Intelligent Machines

We develop intelligent solutions, processes and services with innovative methods by using the latest technology and materials and interdisciplinary digital possibilities. We work as a part of the Tampere Region Centre of intelligent machine and device design and production.

Intelligent traffic applications develop fast and tightening demands are set to reduce carbondioxide emissions and noise. Electric traffic solutions play a key role in searching for distribution traffic and logistics solutions.

We have three drones available for research, product development and experimentation. Drones can be equipped with different cameras, sensors and measuring devices.

OpenLab also develops virtual space imaging together with the Media and Art Unit and ICT Unit

We make dozens of student projects every year with companies. The projects are related to intelligent machines or they can be almost anything. Such projects allow companies to make product development or research and work-oriented learning situations for students.


Case examples


Mars-Epic Challenge

Drone-training project


Mika Ijas
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Markus Aho
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