Thermal Spray Center Finland

Surface engineering of MOL is focusing in several advanced technologies including thermal spray and cold spraying, physical vapour deposition, laser and weld coating, and surface modification processes. Research and development experience from most of these processes is up to 30 years long. Research in specific areas are done in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems (MEI).

The Thermal Spray Laboratory (Thermal Spray Center Finland – TSCF) is equipped with several modern thermal spray coating proceses suitable for surface coating and treatment , but also for additive manufacturing.

Facilities & Equipment

  • Several thermal and cold spraying equipment for coating, surface treatment, and additive manufacturing, such as plasma spray, HVOF, HVAF, cold spray, arc spray, powder and wire flame spray, polymer spray and powder coating
  • Physical vapour deposition (magnetron sputtering)
  • Cold metal transfer (CMT) and laser coating equipment (at MEI)
  • Spray dryer for powder manufacturing

Case examples

Processing/structure/properties/performance relationships of protective and functional coatings and surface treatments

Use of thermal and cold spray technologies for coating of materials and for additive manufacturing and component restoration and overhaul

Education of surface engineering specialists, technology transfer and expert service for customers


Petri Vuoristo