Digital Extended Enterprise

DEXTER Digital Extended Enterprise research project is related to the DEXTER project consortium, where the four companies of technology industry have their own, interrelated development projects. Research will benefit from the interrelation of projects by benchmarking the capabilities of companies.

DEXTER takes into practice and refines the results of ProMagNet project (a part of Manu program by Fimecc). Previous results, such as new business concepts, models and capabilities based on the digitalized product and production processes, will be expanded and enhanced for the extended enterprise of supplier networks.

Key partners

VTT, TUT, Metso Minerals Oy, Levytyö Särkinen Oy, Multimek Oy, Kankaanpää Works Oy

Key results

DEXTER research project aims to produce DEXTER Digital Extended Enterprise model and explore the implementation of the different characteristics of the model in the development projects of industrial enterprises.

The research will provide compiled, scientific and generally applicable information about DEXTER model (the characteristics, effects, value creation, conditions and benefits of the model).

Project Impact

The project improves co-operation between research organizations, large, small and medium-sized enterprises and the competitiveness of the participants with regard to the project topic.

Contact us

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