Funded by the ESF, DigiSyke is a joint project by Hermia Group; the Novi Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology; the Research and Education Centre, Synergo, of the University of Tampere; Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd; and the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, which provides industrial companies with models and approaches enabling them to exploit digital business practices.

The project provides companies with information and support in the planning of their own deployment projects and in seeking external funding, as well as bringing firms together with partners or other external expertise working towards the same goals. DigiSyke organises open seminars and participatory workshops for companies interested in digitalisation.

Tangible actions and results of project

  1. Development and training projects tailored for companies
  2. Sector-based networking and R&D cooperation, encouraging participation and matching the needs and offerings of industrial and IT players – workshops and seminars – exchange of experiences and the online gathering and sharing of know-how in the subject area – network collaboration matching needs with offerings

Contact us

Kirsi Andersson
Tampereen yliopisto
+358 40 757 7233