SmartAdvantage – Intelligent assets and smart data-oriented services as a source of competitive advantage

Recent academic research has paid particular attention to how digitalisation disrupts current business models and business environments. Furthermore, servitization has gained significant attention. Currently, industrial internet based services have been insufficiently integrated into customers’ business processes and the potential of digitalization has so far not been fully exploited. The goal of the SmartAdvantage research project is to enhance value creation opportunities for industrial ecosystems by developing novel approaches and business models for digitalised asset management.

SmartAdvantage research project is a part of a joint research project, combining the efforts of research organisations and industrial partners. The parallel project structure provides an opportunity for sharing experiences, benchmarking activities and learn from each other as well as for research institutes and industrial partners to work efficiently together by combining their expertise. The results will support companies in creating new offerings and capturing business opportunities. Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Center (SMACC) R&D community will be used to disseminate and exploit the results.

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