Demanding digital manufacturing as added value provider in ecosystems

Välkky-project is developing demanding digital manufacturing and ecosystems model as added value creator for Finnish SME-companies. In this project digital manufacturing focuses on 3D-printing and especially to digital design and modelling. Also co-creational operation models are one of the development topics. Business perspective is incorporated to the project because without critical economic review the competitiveness of SME-companies cannot be made better.

Goal of the project is to bring VTT’s and TUT’s “SMACC-knowhow, especially focusing on 3D-printing” to easily accessed and utilized in companies. Operation is focused to convert R&D results fast to be utilized in companies. This project shall create ecosystem which will continue working also after the project. Project shall make Pirkanmaa area SME-companies more competitive in the sense Pirkanmaa – Finland – Europe. Project goal is to gain European level on selected technological areas. This requires intelligent specialization and best utilization of knowhow and resources. TUT’s and VTT’s research groups form together the critical mass so that on selected technological areas it is possible to reach good European level within few years. To be able to utilize fast the R&D results in companies it needs developing of business models in companies. Also R&D institute – company cooperation needs new co-creational operation models in companies and also in R&D institutes.

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