Digital asset management

Maintenance plays a major role in the national economy. Around EUR 24 billion was invested in maintenance in Finland in 2007, of which EUR 3.5 billion was spent on industrial machinery. The role of maintenance is growing because the machine stock is ageing, particularly in the west, while servicing and other lifecycle services proliferate. Most manufacturers are seeking to grow services’ share of their revenue.

As digitalisation proceeds, the role of software in machines and equipment is growing and digital systems are linking machines to each other and the internet. Lifecycle management, lifecycle cost modelling and information on the performance of both individual devices and entire production systems are needed as the basis of such services. As business models based on product use, reliability and availability become more common, product design is advancing hand-in-hand with the design of product lifecycles.

At SMACC, we help companies to design safe and reliable machines, equipment and systems, and to enhance the management of their availability and lifecycle cost-effectiveness at all stages. From our broad range of methods, we choose ones that meet the needs of the customer: our services may involve a single safety or reliability analysis, or the simulation of the system’s entire lifecycle. The basis for method development is scalability, enabling the application of methods to single machines, systems and machine stocks, or to the management of entire fleets. Lifecycle service development leaves the drawing board and design-phase solutions have a major impact on the system’s maintenance needs. Plans are updated using reliability data gathered across the lifecycle, enabling services to meet the changing needs of the application in question.


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