Digital design and modelling

Digital design and modelling

In machine building, digital product development refers to the broad use of CAD/CAM/CAE design at different stages of the product lifecycle. Simulation is used to analyse the actual, operating-environment loads, dynamics and functionality of CAD products. Computational optimisation and various design analyses enable the optimisation of a machine’s functionality and the cost-effective comparison of alternatives.

Simulation can be used for the fast and cost-effective trial of new technologies for, say, controlling the vibration dynamics of machines. The manufacturability and serviceability of a product can be evaluated by examining a life-size 3D model in partnership with the design and production team. Using efficient data management, concurrent engineering and virtual prototypes, the entire design process can be optimised in terms of both the design time and costs. Design methods can be brought ever closer to reality, by measuring how machines and equipment function in their actual environments and using the resulting data to verify digital models.

VTT and Tampere University use CAD and computational methods in their own research and in customer services. We have the best software in the business, strong expertise and excellent computational resources. We can provide our customers with the latest research data and expertise in design and analysis methods, and in the application of methods and software.


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