Digital services

As they are strengthened by digitalisation, service businesses are improving the competitiveness, sustainability and agility of industrial firms in the face of dynamic global competition. During value creation, manufacturers are shifting their focus from material to information flows i.e., intangible value – customers are interested in a broader definition of performance than just the device or process, and in optimising device or process performance across the lifecycle. The impacts of change can be seen in almost all sectors, organisations, mindsets, social structures and institutions.

Cooperation with SMACC enables deeper knowledge and practical solutions, which companies can use to harness the potential of digitalisation in real-time, proactive service activities. Innovations are needed in service concepts and processes, as well as in the management and overall renewal of services. Innovations can involve individual companies and their service processes, or supply chains, networks and ecosystems between companies. Because a service always concerns supplier-customer relationships, research is often focused on collaboration between companies.


  • Use of lifecycle information in servicing and maintenance
  • Efficient and proactive, real-time service delivery
  • New service and product concepts and integrated product/service systems based on digital information

  • Parallel design of products and services, and continuous development
  • New, service-oriented value creation and business models
  • Value co-creation in cooperation with the supplier, customer and possible third parties

  • New digital service ecosystems
  • Win-win collaboration with customers, new ways to involve customers in service innovation processes
  • Conditions for sustainable business in supply chains and networks


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