Industrial Robotics

With over 25 years’ experience, SMACC Industrial Robotics has extensive knowledge in advanced robot interaction and machining control development in industry robot applications. Today’s modern industrial robots can be utilized extensively in application development to fit demanding requirements of modern flexible short-series production. SMACC Industrial Robotics is capable of fast building and testing of industrial robot pilots. The lab has multiple robots from light to heavy payloads that can be utilized in varying tasks, tests and development activities.

SMACC Industrial Robotics has a tight connection and synergy with the other SMACC robot laboratories. Lessons learned are shared and can be utilized to develop the most suitable robotic solutions based on customer needs.

Areas of expertise

  • Welding, deburring, machining, decorating, painting
  • Flexible system solutions and feasibility studies
  • Object calibration, programming methods
  • Parts dimensions measurements
  • 3D vision measurement of product shapes
  • Force controlled gringing, deburring and machining with robots
  • Deburring methods and tools
  • Digital direct printing of 3D objects
  • Telerobotics & Remote control
  • Sensor based robot control
  • Object recognition

Facilities & Equipment

Industrial robots

  • Kuka KR120 + KRC4 (Oulu)
  • Kuka KR150L110 +  KRC2 (Oulu)
  • Kuka LBR iiwa 14 + KUKA Sunrise Cabinet (Oulu)
  • ABB IRB4600-45/2.05 (Espoo)
  • ABB IRB 120 + IRC5 (Espoo)
  • Universal robot URx(Espoo)
  • Comau NM45-2.0 + C4G Open (Tampere)
  • Schunk 4 LWAP  Powerball + KEBA CP232/A PLC

Laser profilers and scanners

  • SICK IVP 150 & 1200
  • SICK LMS 100 & 400
  • SICK S30A
  • MicroEpsilon 2700-50
  • Kinect v1 & v2
  • Basler ToF 3D


  • Basler scA 1600-14gc
  • Basler sca1390-17gc
  • Canon SLR, 20 & 24 lenses


  • ABB Robot Studio
  • CIT AutomAPPPS


  • Beckhoff CX series with Twincat 3

SW development platforms

  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Eclipse
  • Qt
  • Matlab
  • Robot Operating Systems ROS


Mikael Haag

Tapio Heikkilä