Production Lab

SMACC Production Lab is a highly flexible testbed for production processes; it is a common research and development facility for implementing latest technologies for production environments. In Production Lab, experts from various domains can co-operate and build integrated, multi technological solutions. They can solve practical production problems, and transfer the know-how to Finnish & global industry.

The lab can be utilized for multiple purposes, including:

  • Layout and production system planning
  • Production modelling, simulation and visualisation
  • Order and delivery process development
  • Production automation and robotics
  • Assembly methods and technologies
  • Production and processability analyzes, testing and optimizing

The knowledge behind SMACC Production Lab helps companies to gain and utilize high-level knowledge regarding multi-technical possibilities in production engineering. Together with Production Lab, companies can pilot the automatization of existing work process, or develop a completely new process to replace the old one.

Areas of expertise

  • Flexible production system solutions
  • Designing of complete production lines and concepts
  • Material handling chains, factory layouts
  • Transferrable robot systems
  • Solutions for flexibility and reconfigurability
  • Virtual systems for controlling, monitoring and simulating
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Flexible and modular assembly systems
  • DFMA – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Force-controlled assembly
  • Material handling
  • Part feeding
  • Flexible feeding
  • 2D and 3D machine vision in parts handling
  • Bin picking
  • Grippers – gripping and grasping
  • Fixtures – fixturing
  • Industrial solutions, demonstrations, tests of new technology, and technology surveys


BinPicking – Machine Vision Guided Robot Bin Picking
DeskAssy – Desktop assembly for light and small sized products


Mikael Haag

Bin Picking

Technologies and Solutions

Pick up disorganized work items

  • Machine Vision System
  • 3D sensors

Comparison of commercial solutions

  • Sample items
  • Ease of use
  • Speed
  • Reliability


  • Elimination of extra work
  • Flexibility is increased by automating tedious work steps